Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Great News For King's Island!

Consistently over the past decade Cedar Point has FAR outdone King's Island regarding thrill ride attractions. Having sampled both parks' offerings, CPs roller coasters were easily more comfortable, more exciting, and generally a better experience. The park itself was more family-friendly. I suppose the divergence began when Paramount took over King's Island in the early nineties. They seemed to want to target teenagers at the expense of just about every other demographic. The Son of Beast stands as the final reason I ceased getting passes to the Cincinnati amusement park. When sitting in this brand new coaster, my knees bumped up against the seat in front of me with my back pushed all the way against the rear of the seat. I'm 6'4" and can comfortably sit (or stand, the Mantis is the best standup coaster I've been on) in any adult ride at Cedar Point. If Cedar Fair's acquisition of Paramount Parks means that a season pass will be good at both locations, then I'll be getting one next year.

Update (Same Day):

Another article.

Don Helbig of ACE sums it up well:
"Of all the prospective buyers that had been rumored, this was the group I wanted to see purchase the park," he said. "They do a phenomenal job with the guest experience, arguably the best in the country. I think that's good news for this area."

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