Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Media Weaves a Tale of Deceit
Do you think the writer of this article has a bias? Let's start with the title: Marry or get out, US town tells unwed parents. I suppose we're supposed to derive that this town, located in the free and liberal United States, is pressing the heel of their cowboy boot into the back of these parent's proverbial necks because of their backward beliefs regarding marriage.

A few sample quotes: "seeking to drive unmarried couples with children out of town on grounds they do not fit the local definition of a family," "did not fit the town's definition of "family," "I think the city wants to send a clear message that they don't want children born out of wedlock, It has become a moral issue for them. They see family in a certain way and that's the only acceptable way," "an archaic law," "driven out of town," "I think this is all about the city trying to impose its moral values on its citizens."

I suppose this begs quite a few questions. Given the tone of the article, it appears as though Black Jack is a horrifically oppressive place where only people living in the 15th century are allowed to live. The town claims the law is to help prevent overcrowding. It may or may not be, but what is so horrible about a town enforcing a law that would help reduce crime?

Of course, what's the first thing you do when that annoying "law" thing gets in the way of your desires? Call the ACLU! This case will be fun to watch in the courts as the battle between "the way I want it to be" judicial activism and "it's the law" takes a front seat.

Perhaps the couple should step back and ask themselves why they fight so hard to stay unmarried after having been together for 13 years.

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