Thursday, May 18, 2006

Chabot in Trouble?
I heard an advertisement from some Democratic committee against Steve Chabot this morning. It used the usual sinister themes and declared that President Bush was going to privatize your social security, thus giving you less money than you deserve at retirement. While the add is intellectually dishonest, and contributes further to the misperception regarding the President's SS plan, it is the usual tripe from a party that is more interested in regaining power than the success and future of our union. It has me thinking, however... is Chabot really in that much trouble that the Dems are advertising against him? Or is it a similar situation to a few instances in the past where the Dems threw $100,000 here and there for futile causes? You'll find a shady picture of GW with an equally if not more sinister picture of Tom Delay here at the DCCC (not to be confused with the CCCP) website. Delay will not be convicted, and when he is found innocent I hope we can get the word through the thick layer of MSM coverage that will try to cover it up. I will provide a link to the radio ad when one becomes available.

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