Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Liberal Academia
Rich Lowry has a great article on commencement speeches and who gives them. Spot on with this comment:
Apparently what they (the students) wanted to hear was: “I’m here to tell you that every unexamined prejudice you hold is absolutely correct. You represent the summit of human wisdom, and in all the years you have left on this Earth, you will never learn anything important that you don’t already know as a snotty 21-year-old. And don’t let anyone ever dare to tell you otherwise.”
Regarding liberalism in education, I'd also recommend Evan Coyne Maloney's Brainwashing 101 if you can find it. Fortunately, I downloaded the file when it was available. I would imagine Evan took it down as he readies his new feature film, Indoctrinate U, for theatrical and DVD release.

Hat Tip: Bonfire of the Vanities

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