Friday, May 12, 2006

Emminent Domain Fraud
If one single national issue could provoke revolution and unite individuals on both sides of the aisle it's the emminent domain fiasco. When I first heard of the SCOTUS ruling, I remember thinking "well, it certainly can't be THAT bad... not as bad as the critics say." Boy was I wrong... all across the nation now governments are grabbing land for their buddies. This is just the latest example. Hopefully, states will enact tough laws to combat this, but why would they fight giving themselves more power? Self fulfilling prophecy if you ask me.

Hat Tip: Steven J. Kelso at S.O.B. HQ

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Blogger Dave Oatney said ... (8:07 PM) : 

The fight is bitter in Tennessee. Whole properties are being siezed by the City of Knoxville to be turned over to private hands. Counties and municipalities are using "blight" as an excuse to sieze land when high-priced developers come through left and right.

There are even competing bills in the General Assembly, and the one that won out does nothing but water down existing law and is nearly useless. It is such a hot button issue here that it was going to be the cornerstone of my Commission campaign.


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