Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Great Blogs Series: Volumn 5
Blog: Michelle Malkin
Readership: 100,000+ Daily
Genre: Politics

Why I love this blog:
Michelle's blog is updated frequently, often providing good insight and informative links. The layout is simple, yet navigation friendly. She's done a lot for the blogging community, and really helped popularize the format. Also, Michelle has helped kick off a conservative media site, HotAir. For me, it's a daily read.

Comments on "Great Blogs Series: Volumn 5"


Anonymous Theo said ... (8:27 PM) : 

I hotlinked to her blog for a while, pretty much for the comedic value, but I de-linked it pretty quickly.

Hardly anything of any real substance about what really matters, just a lot of instances of powerless "Unhinged" liberals. Became grating and downright ridiculous after a while.

Can't say I really blame her or the rest of the right-wing blogosphere for going that route. Not exactly a lot of good news about the administration to report on.


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