Friday, May 12, 2006

This One Belongs to the Reds!
Griffey knocked one out last night to win the game. I like Ken Griffey Jr. He took a big pay cut to come to Cincinnati, and is a hometown boy from Big Moe no less. This season, I gave up on him as a Red... I wanted to see him succeed but injury after injury after injury caused me to lose faith. We need more headlines like this, superstar. Bring the heat and make Cincinnati proud. I suppose the real question is, can the Reds win for a whole season with sub-par pitching?

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Anonymous Bob said ... (9:20 PM) : 

What a game! I am also a huge fan of Griffey. He is not only a great ball player, but he is a quality person and he understands the true essence of the game. Isn't it amazing how he can come back and in one game go from the "injury prone griffey" to the "team hero"?

I would still take Griffey over Dunn... Though Dunn just smacked a huge homer against Detroit.


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