Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bonkers Sheehan Flies Again!
Below the radar that is... the MSM is simply ignoring her now, realizing that she does more to hurt their cause than help.
"My country supported Osama bin Laden in the fight against Russia," she said. "And now they go in and tear down that country. It's back in the hands of the drug lords, it's producing more opium than ever, and it's not safe. There's not any rebuilding going on, because it's being occupied by occupying forces."
This has to do with Casey how? I mean, weren't you doing the whole "grieving war mom" thing not too long ago?
Speaking alongside Ms. Sheehan at yesterday's media briefing, War Resisters organizer Michelle Robidoux said about 20 more soldiers have since fled to Canada. "We estimate there may be several hundred more who are living clandestinely in Canada," she said. "This is an echo of what happened during the Vietnam War."
Yes... now that you've mentioned them in the same sentence. Keep repeating it loudly, IRAQ=VIETNAM, and eventually you'll probably get some people to believe you. Nah. Probably not.
However, Ms. Sheehan said, the soldiers are within their rights to desert because many are "lied to" by U.S. military recruiters who tell them they won't have to fight in Iraq. "My son was an honourable, honest person lied to by his recruiter," she said.
Wow! He was promised that he wouldn't have to fight in Iraq? That's pretty impressive, but most likely just another unprovable lie from a pathological liar.

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Anonymous myhtbuster said ... (11:12 AM) : 

pretty sure she's doing it be cause she is a greiving war mom. she lost her child becuase of those descisions made by the current administration and that is why she is questioning those descisions now.


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