Thursday, March 16, 2006

George Clooney and St. Susanna
I've only recently been made aware that George Clooney attended my gradeschool. Actually, I may have known this at some point in the past, but pushed it out of my mind as the thought of attending the same school as someone so devoid of intelligence was too painful. I apologize, world. I suppose this was inevitable, as the priest at St. Susanna is a reformist liberal theologian. Fr. Harry is a genuinely good guy, always positive, smiling, and happy to see you. Also, he is very dedicated to the Lord. Unfortunately he feels it is his right, nay his duty to take as many liberties with the sacred liturgy as possible. The parish as a whole is very liberal, to the point of alienating individuals such as myself who would choose to worship in a more classic, traditional manner.

While I'm on a St. Susanna tangent, bear with me while I elaborate on my theological slant. I'm a traditional orthodox Catholic. This doesn't mean that I'm schismatic, in the mold of the Lefebvrists, but rather that I feel "toeing the line" during liturgy and all things officially Catholic is an absolute must. This is Church law, however many priests (and a particularly high amount in the Cincinnati Archdiocese) feel taking liberties with the process of the Mass is a-ok. This position has been rebuked by the Vatican time and time again. You know, I'm all about working to help the youth embrace the Church and Her doctrines, but if you're going to have a DRUM SET during Mass, please warn the people who actually want to spend the time praying and reflecting on life and their relationship with God. I also feel that "meeting your neighbor" before, during, or after Mass is disruptive to the meditative state I wish to be in during liturgy. The opening song in a Mass I attended in Florida? Well, I don't remember the details (likely because I could only see red I was so angry), but it had something to do with Jesus putting on the Ritz, to the song of the same name. I do not hate Protestants, but there is a reason I do not attend their services. While I lived briefly in Northern Kentucky (about 10 miles outside of Cincy), the Masses were consistently much closer to the orthodoxy, leading me to believe this is an Archdiocesan problem. What's a lay person to do? Well, visit Jimmy Akin's site for starters.

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Blogger Dave Oatney said ... (10:12 AM) : 

The problem Cincinnati seems to have is that the Archbishop, while a man of great personal piety, doesn't seem to care about the abuses that take place within his own ecclesiastical jurisdiction.


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