Monday, March 13, 2006

Mother Theresa Elementary, Why Bother?
My brother and sis'n'law have been working VERY hard over the past year to help their daughter get in to Mother Theresa Catholic Elementary. The hours they have worked, time they have put in, and changes they have made to their lives to accomodate the schedule of St. Max Church and the school have been massive. They were told this would affect positively the likelyhood that my wonderful niece would be able to attend their institution in the Fall. Also, a lengthy essay about their lives in relation to the Church, and personal references were to be weighed for this purpose. What we found out a couple of days ago is that the parents that run the school decided it was too hard to decide, so they drew names from a hat. That's right, names randomly drawn from a HAT. This is what happens when parents and parishoners run a school as opposed to the Archdiocese and Religious.

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