Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yakima: BUY!
I recently bought a Yakima bike rack at our local cyclery. It's a solid product, a hitch rack that's much better than other bike-hauling options. After putting it together (a very simple process, despite the semi-ambiguous instructions) I noticed that a small piece was broken. I mentally prepared myself for the impending battle with customer service that seems to be so prevalant these days, but was stunned soon after the call. First, I was greeted by an American. I have nothing against those of other nationalities, but being able to hear the voice of an American first thing after going through the prompts was pleasantly stunning. Second, the American on the line was extremely friendly and casual, as if we had been friends for some time. Third, when I started to describe the issue he immediately recognized the problem and advised that a new part would be at my door as soon as possible. I'm amazed that there seems to be an American company that is still oriented toward customer service. Yakima products are pricey, but they are worth it for many reasons. Buy Yakima. DO IT. DO IT NOW.

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