Thursday, October 06, 2005

That's the word of the day following the LaSalle 17 Moeller 14 game. GUH. I think the root of the problem for Big Moe is their sophomore quarterback. I'm sure he's a good kid and very talented, it's just that he's just too young and inexperienced. Instead of putting him at QB for the injured starter who started the season as a reserve, why not switch back to your original starter, currently playing WR? SHEESH. The fella started out as the 3rd string QB and now he's starting in the GCL opener and biggest game of the year so far? Ah well. I feel better now. Of course, it's always easier to be a sideline quarterback, so to speak. C'mon Coach Crable, being a Notre Dame grad with NFL experience I expect more of you!

So... that was how the weekend started, and things deteriorated from there. Well, not completely. UND beat the snot out of Purdue which brought some joy into my life for a small period of time. That is, until the Colts came into Tennessee and pummeled the Titans up and down the field for 60 mins. It didn't help that I had picked up the Titans defense in my fantasy league for this week. That on its face was probably not a very smart move, but my starting D was out, and I figured it was at Tennessee. What started out as a beautiful season for football has grown kind of ugly. Hopefully my boys on all squads, UND, Moeller, OSU, and Tennessee will buck up and play like champions in the long run.

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