Saturday, October 01, 2005

Pensive... the word of the day for me.

I was sitting in my basement fun bunker listening to 92.5, and all of the classic rock memories it brought to me from college. I'm not THAT old, mind you, I was just heavily into Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Who, and many other classic rock groups during that period of my life.

Once... or maybe twice... or more, my buddy Brady and I spent an entire night drinking whiskey and listening to Led Zeppelin until we could drink/listen no more. Another time, my buddy Mike and I killed a case of Rainier while playing Madden football on the Super Nintendo. Why is drinking so much fun when you're 18? It was a time when I was either wearing bellbottoms and butterfly collars, or all black with a turtleneck all beatnik style. Road trips to Purdue, Windsor, and Cleveland with no notice were commonplace. I wrote angst-ridden "poetry" which I recited to my girlfriend while we sat in a coffee shop. Late night visits to Kaldis, The Southern Belle, and Walnut Hills Cafe with Chris and pals. Getting stoned out of my gourd and spending entire nights in computer labs writing papers and chatting on old school bulletin board systems. Absolut Peppar and coke, repeatedly. In a gadda da vida baby. I saw many shows as well. Nirvana, Elton John, Live, PJ Harvey, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, a couple of Lollapaloozas ('94 and '95), REM, Page/Plant, and I'm sure many others I can't recall at this time. Many good times were had. I was living.

A few names came to mind from that era. I'll toss some names in here in hopes that they'll notice and maybe drop me a line. These are people I've mostly lost contact with, but would most definitely love to hear from again. Chris Lewis, Mike Wasco, Lori Rentham, Mark Evener, Mike Samuels, Paul Niedermeier, Pat McWhorter, Dwight Fry, Jay Mueller, Heather (Hanna) Rhoades, Carolina, Mara, Melissa Estelle, Paul Combs, Tamber Boeddicker, Rachel Wren, Elana Shenton, Wendy Donald, Sherri Brown, John Jones, and many many more who I will list later. Right now I'm so tired I can't even think straight. Also, to Matt Burris *raises glass* because he fell in with the wrong crowd and could not be here today. May he rest in peace, and may he be looking down helping me to be less weak.

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Anonymous jt said ... (3:03 PM) : 

Did you ever live in Gahanna, Ohio, by any chance?

Because I did, and those names sure sound familiar...


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