Saturday, May 28, 2005

It's about time to fire up the old blog again. I noticed an article on the American Spectator (great mag) website that details how commercials have become obscenely irritating. Here's the link. Henry is spot-on regarding what a chore it has become to listen to almost any radio program, particularly talk radio. At the top of the hour, we get reports about how horrible the War on Terror and GW Bush are, and commercials usually start with or have extremely annoying noises throughout. Some of my favorites are commercials that start with the sound of alarm clocks or cell phones, then repeat this practice just before they spout off their 800 number about 10 times in rapid succession. These commercials have been able to do what liberals for years have been unable to: get the average talk show listener to question the intelligence of the whole audience. I, of course, still enjoy Rush, Sean, and particularly Savage, but I fear audiences may be lost as a result of this spiteful condescending practice.

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