Thursday, May 27, 2004

Symantec products have been my first choice for pc security since about '97. Norton Antivirus has been, without a doubt, a great benefit to have since that time. Norton Personal Firewall has been getting progressively better since it was introduced as well. Recently, my pc started locking up whenever I would try to do anything internet related. Feeling that the computer gods had aligned against me, as they have so often in the past (it's the reason I'm in IT, to fight the good fight against them) I initially assumed it was a hardware issue. What I found out, however, was that symproxysvc.exe was eating about 99% of my processor time whenever accessing the 'net. I found surprisingly few webpages that addressed this issue, and the forums that I found information on only advised reinstalling NPF, which I decided to do. After attempting to uninstall, after disabling my network connection and closing all other apps, my system froze. Ultimately, I had to restart the system and try again, except this time NPF advised me that it required a supervisor to log in and perform this task (WTF?). So... what it boils down to is, I went through the registry deleting all NPF references. Eventually, this allowed me to uninstall, and ultimately reinstall the application. This also resolved the 99% processing time issue, thankfully. So, I still endorse Norton and Symantec products, they are the best, but for the first time they really let me down. If only they could explain this.

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