Friday, May 28, 2004

Harley Davidson used to be a motorcycle brand to me. Now it just conjurs up images of jackbooted thugs who get their kicks by intimidating high school students and their families. I periodically attend football games for Cincinnati Moeller high school. They used to maintain their home field near the former College Football Hall of Fame in Mason, Ohio (now in South Bend, IN). There is a field across from the stadium, part of which recently was paved and had a Harley shop built on it. Now I know that Joe American, his wife, and their son would pulverize any asphalt they happen to encounter and drive over, even if it was just one time, in their minivan. The tactics employed by the Harley boys (I say boys based on their maturity level, not their size) were utterly ridiculous. As families would drive into the former field, one side of which was still permitted for parking, about 5 or 6 large men sat on their bikes leering at the families as they drove in, as if to say "yeah, c'mon Joe, step too close to the pavement and you're going DOWN." As the kids walked by the entrance on the provided sidewalk, which also appeared to make the neanderthals quite upset, but not upset enough to block with their iron and fury, much gazing and leering ensued. So... I had planned on owning a motorcycle one day. Harley wasn't my preference, but now it's RIGHT OUT. I'd recommend you avoid them as well. Not only are they inferior vehicles, those that ride them have some serious psychological issues.

For a REAL American motorcycle, go here.

OK... maybe I was a little rash in my assessment of ALL Harley riders being thugs. I've since met some very nice fellows who partake of Harley transportation. I stand by my comment about Aces and Eights in Mason though.

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