Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to Survive in the New Socialist America
First off, I'd like to congratulate the left wing on their impending victory in 2008. Be it John McCain or more likely Barack Obama, they managed to win even before the general election had really been considered. Most conservatives will be staying home this election cycle, not as a protest or to make a point, but rather because there are simply zero options at the polls for the presidency. I'll likely go, because if I don't I'll have made myself into a huge hypocrite for pestering people to vote in the past, despite their dissatisfaction with all of the potential office holders. Perhaps a nice third party option will present itself, or I'll just vote for myself. Regardless, America is on a new path now... it will be interesting to see how we handle a socialist society created not by well discussed, considered policies and opinions, but rather how the media has presented each party and ideology. Not only will the full-court press (no pun intended) result in an absolute blowout this cycle, it apparently is not enough for Nancy Pelosi, who seeks to eliminate any opposition, no matter how minute, to the new "progressive" society they have envisioned.


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