Wednesday, January 24, 2007

John McCain will NEVER get my vote!
...unless he's running against Hillary Clinton. The man has lost whatever spine he had while doing time in the Hanoi Hilton. Should McCain win the Republican nomination, which I highly doubt, he will not get my vote or support. He is a political opportunist, much like every single politician in Congress at the moment, except to the extreme (e.g. Bill Clinton). His positions and loyalty sway with the wind, and I do not believe he would be a strong administrator of the War on Terror. Rudy Giuliani is a liberal, and I'd have a hard time voting for him, but he's right in the WoT and actually has clear positions on most issues. It seems like every day I log in, read the news, and John McCain is right there bashing the POTUS, the veep, the secretary of defense, the secretary of state, or anyone else who doesn't fit into the "John McCain for President" worldview. I'm sick of offering up praise for his military service, it's been overdone, he should not be president lest we fail in our goal of making the world a safer place.


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