Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Media is the Enemy
The War on Terror as we know it is effectively over. Israel is fighting fiercely, rooting out terror in southern Lebanon, but U.S. policy has changed. It appears as though we can no longer defend ourselves from the enemy within, the MSM, and the Democrats. Political opportunism has reached a new high (or new lows) as Dem after Dem steps up, criticizes our troops, denounces our policy, and recieves incredibly positive news coverage as a result. They are giving the enemy fodder increasing the danger our troops are in, thus creating more casualties, which in turn increases their chances in November. It's despicable, but it's working. GW Bush is on his heels and appears to be hesitant to do anything that would help defend our nation, without U.N. approval. I was impressed that for a little while, we seemed almost supportive of Israel. Now this has changed as well, but hopefully they can get the job done "in time."

It's clear that the media will turn the people of this nation against itself, provided the individual they do not like/agree with is in office. They will go to such great lengths as to endanger U.S. power and interests throughout the world, simply because they do not like one or two men (or a political party). The MSM should not rule our nation, we do not elect them. If they weren't busy revealing secret government programs to catch terrorists, giving us an onslaught of every single negative thing they can find about what's going on in Iraq, and providing the terrorists with propaganda for their own forces, they might actually be able to do some good. With positive reporting about what is going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere America sees her interests threatened and has chosen to defend herself, the battles and wars would end much more quickly, with more world support.

If this trend continues, a terrorist attack will likely take out an American city. I just hope it's not Cincinnati.

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