Monday, July 31, 2006

Fr. Martin Fox Has Questions for the 'Women Priests'
Fr. Fox has a great post on the "women's ordination" going on in Pittsburgh today, including several good questions a reporter with moxie might ask. My favorite:
Who ultimately decides this question? You say ordain women, the pope, backed up by a pretty long tradition -- the Church says constant -- says no. Do you believe the Church has no right to take this position? If it does, at what point do you accept the decision? And, if you won't, no matter what, isn't that what finally created a parting of the ways with Luther and other "reformers" of their time? I mean, if you give Luther full credit for sincerity, integrity, and even if you say he was right -- the fact is, he ultimately could not accept the authority of the pope or even a general council to define Catholic teaching, if that went contrary to his insights. How are you different?
There are plenty of Protestant flavors to go around, so I'm always amazed at the audacity of those who would attempt to destroy the Church from within.

Update (Same Day):

More on this from Gerald.

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