Wednesday, July 26, 2006

First Cup o' the Day
Unfortunately in this case, it's not my true friend coffee, but rather Kofi of U.N. fame. Yes, we all know the U.N. has been irresponsible in the past, backed and defended the enemies of the United States, criticized our leadership wherever possible, etc, etc. Apparently yesterday, the Secretary General of the United Nations took it upon himself to accuse Israel of deliberately targeting U.N. positions before knowing anything about the attack, consulting anyone who had details, or even taking a break to read any news articles on the subject.

LGF said it best:
I thought the head of the United Nations was supposed to be a diplomat, someone who understands the gravity of making hasty accusations with no evidence, and refrains from heated rhetoric that could make situations worse.
Pettifrog has some great graphics helping to define "good" and "evil" for those who only see shades of gray in this conflict and the world.

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Blogger Porkopolis said ... (12:29 PM) : 

Great post.

The accidental killing of the U.N. workers is a tragedy. They put themselves in harms way for the goal of peace.

Having said that, Kofi should now take this tragedy as an opportunity to gain some empathy and appreciation for the Israeli position of not wanting to live under the threat of missles targeting civilian populations.

This tragedy has its genesis in the initial kidnappings and shelling of the civilian population by Hezbollah.


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