Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Democrats Lose, Lieberman Wins
Joe Lieberman lost his bid in the Democratic primary last night for one of Connecticut's U.S. Senate seats. This is a big win for Joe, as he'll no longer be constrained by the intolerant, rabidly liberal, extreme left wing Democratic party. It's a new era for the Democrats, who of late have habitually been seen grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.
Lieberman is the first casualty of the war against the war on terror. If last night's results are a window on the party's tilt, then a huge slice of the Democratic party is ready to sit out the war to protect America. God help us if the Republicans also get the wobblies. Let's hope the Connecticut Condition isn't contagious. And let's hope last night's decision is overturned.
Indeed... now the general election in that state will determine at least partially the future course for the War on Terror. The Republicans now have a race they can focus on nationally to their advantage, and if Joementum can pull off a victory (as he should, because even in liberal Connecticut the general election voters are less extreme than the primary voters) there will be one less Democrat in the Senate. Bill Clinton may have been the single best thing to happen to the Republican party in the last half-century, Kos may be a close second.

Update (Same Day):

As expected, Hugh nails it. Actually, looks like that's Dean Barnett posting on Hugh's site... good post either way.

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