Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Contender - Round 2 Followup
Looks like the same formula that worked the first time is back. The show is still very entertaining, and the boxers are all strong, engrossing personalities. All boxing matches should be 5 rounds, but then all boxing matches should be judged by machines. The guy I picked to win before the show began, Michael Clark, went down in the very first fight. The second fight had Norberto Bravo, who seems like a genuinely good guy other than that he is fighting for his race, pounding Rudi Cisneros in a split decision that had me wondering once again about The Contender's panel of judges. I was particularly suspicious with the crowd reaction when Rudi's victory card was read. You know, it's all well and good to love and appreciate your heritage... Peter Manfredo pulled this off very well last year, but was clearly not absorbed by any concept of "la raza." Having been born and raised in America, I hope Norberto can one day see the distinction between fighting for your race, and having pride in your heritage. Cornelius "K-9" Bundrage was portrayed early as not having the mechanics to pull off any string of victories, but showed why he is 21-1 by pounding Clark.

A couple of quick notes:

Sergio "I Didn't Really Win My Rematch With Manfredo" Mora's mug popping up at various points was dissettling. Every time I see him, I think of the shady judging. He won last year's Contender, and made an obligatory appearance in this year's version. Now drop him.

Why were the challenges for reward and picking the next fight dropped? The most logical conclusion I can come up with is injuries. Last year, it seemed to happen on multiple occasions where fighters would pull a hammy or twist this or that during a challenge.

Sorry to see Sly go, but Sugar Ray is doing a great job.

I now look to Steve Forbes to sweep through the tournament.

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