Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israel Boldly Defends Herself, World Condemns
Grass still green, sky still blue... all that. Thank goodness there is one civilization in this world that hasn't been so crippled by political correctness that it can no longer defend itself. Israel has escalated the battle in the middle east after having 3 of its soldiers kidnapped. Of course Russia and France (bedfellows 'till the bitter, hateful, anti-Semitic end) have labeled Israel's military maneuvers as "disproportionate." Does it make sense to anyone that opposing sides in a war use "proportionate" force? I do not understand this criticism... a more valid criticism might be to FIRST condemn those that kidnapped the Israeli soldiers, since they kicked off this latest round of conflict, then call for the Israelis to come back to the negotiating table. While I disagree with that approach, at least it would have a shred of logic and impartiality within it. If every nation subjected to a terrorist attack were to retaliate as Israel is now, I would bet terrorist attacks would considerably slow. On one hand you have those who would saw off a man's head while he's still alive on camera to make a point, while on the other you have a nation that would allow even its own enemies to serve in parliament.

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