Wednesday, July 12, 2006

John "ABSCAM" Murtha, Corrupt Coward
Simply because you served in the military doesn't make you immune to criticism. That being said, there is much to criticize the Congressman on. ABSCAM involved an FBI sting operation to nail members of Congress who accepted bribes from a "mysterious Arab sheik" (see link). More information from Murtha's involvement tape has come to light. From the Spectator article:
"I want to deal with you guys awhile before I make any transactions at all, period.... After we've done some business, well, then I might change my mind...."

..."I'm going to tell you this. If anybody can do it -- I'm not B.S.-ing you fellows -- I can get it done my way." he boasted. "There's no question about it."...

But the reluctant Murtha wouldn't touch the $50,000. Here on secret videotape was this all-American hero, tall and dignified in a disheveled way, explaining why he wasn't quite ready to accept the cash.

"All at once," he said, "some dumb [expletive deleted] would go start talking eight years from now about this whole thing and say [expletive deleted], this happened. Then in order to get immunity so he doesn't go to jail, he starts talking and fingering people. So the [S.O.B.] falls apart."...

"You give us the banks where you want the money deposited," offered one of the bagmen.

"All right," agreed Murtha. "How much money we talking about?"

"Well, you tell me."

"Well, let me find out what is a reasonable figure that will get their attention," said Murtha, "because there are a couple of banks that have really done me some favors in the past, and I'd like to put some money in....["]

The dialogue continued as follows:

Amoroso: Let me ask you now that we're together. I was under the impression, OK, and I told Howard [middleman Howard Criden] what we were willing to pay, and [This is where the available videotape begins]I went out, I got the $50,000. OK? So what you're telling me, OK, you're telling me that that's not what you know....

Murtha: I'm not interested.

Amoroso: OK.

Murtha: At this point, [This is where the available videotape ends] you know, we do business together for a while. Maybe I'll be interested and maybe I won't.... Right now, I'm not interested in those other things. Now, I won't say that some day, you know, I, if you made an offer, it may be I would change my mind some day.
If the Democrats want a military spokesman for their obviously weak on national security party, they could choose someone who hasn't been involved in scandals either during their service, or since they have taken office. That would leave... hmmm... no one that I could think of offhand. The Democratic "Culture of Corruption (TM)" continues unabated.

I wonder who you have to accept bribes from to demand a static date for our troops to be completely withdrawn from a battlefield? I know of only one side that would benefit in the long run.

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