Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I recently finished the game Far Cry on my PC. Rife with a light plot and bad voice acting, the game itself played spectacularly and the graphics were hard to beat. With the exception of one particular incident, playing it on the normal level was challenging and fun. I would highly recommend it. Since I have finished Far Cry, F.E.A.R. has become my current game of choice. This is the first system I've really had a chance to test my new graphics card on, and it really looks great. Everything in the game points to a theme, from the lighting and shadows, to grisly cut scenes, to a very spooky soundtrack and background voices. It's all about atmosphere, and the controls are great on top of that. Aside from the initial 450mb patch to kick off the game, I've had no problems with bugs. Also, I can appreciate that Sierra unlike some of the other game companies has taken ownership of their product and fixed what went wrong in the initial release. For those seeking a deep one player FPS experience, F.E.A.R. should fit those needs in a way no game has since the Half Life series. Just make sure your system has the muscle to keep up.

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