Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Neil Young
You know, in college I was a huge fan of most everything that fell within the classic rock genre. Never was big on Neil Young, but I enjoyed a few of his songs and felt he had something to contribute to the music scene. He did then, he does not now. Previously in this blog, I quoted Dr. Evil. I feel the same quote applies here. Neil knows where the money is, and it will be interesting to see how readily this generation absorbs his ridiculous offering. Seriously though, with lines like "Let's impeach the Presdent for lyin'," why didn't he just sing "cliche cliche clicheeeee, cliche" for a whole album? I was stunned to find out he supported President Reagan for reelection though.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:37 PM) : 

The man wrote "Cortez The Killer."

That's all I have to say.


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