Monday, April 17, 2006

Da Vinci Responses Building
As with most things, the Vatican's initial response to the Da Vinci Code was to ignore it, as you would ignore a particularly irritating, annoying child. Usually, this resolves the issue at hand without giving any unecessary press to the root cause. This time however, the worldwide sensation that is TDVC refuses to go away. Smelling blood and money, Hollywood has jumped at the opportunity to combine its two favorite things: hatred of the Catholic Church (which falls under the larger category of Hatred Of All Things Chucko Loves), and money (which it is undoubtedly starving for). I was extremely disappointed this week when one of my favorite shows accepted sponsorship from this deceitful franchise, which is advertised as fiction, but written so as to convince the reader/viewer it is fact. The Holy Mother Church has decided to fight back in its usual manner, with overwhelming facts to debunk the extremely lucrative story.

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