Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!
Last night for the first time in years I attented the Easter Vigil Mass at a local parish. The reason for this was my sister-in-law was finally to be confirmed. Many years ago, she was baptized into the Church, but the rest pretty much fell through the cracks as she did not have parents that cared about her religious upbringing (or her upbringing in general). The reason I don't typically attend the Vigil is that quite frankly, it is a marathon. That, and I generally prefer a Mass with more reflection and less... how do I put this... flare. Typically, those that don't have someone they love being baptized or confirmed do not attend. That being said it was an absolutely beautiful service, so kudos to St. Max parish in Liberty Township for bringing it all together. I was very impressed as my sis'n'law was clearly moved by the service and what it meant. The meaning was not lost on her, and for that I was very appreciative. I don't have much to say on Easter other than thank you God for everything, but most importantly for life and life after death. A few great posts on Easter:

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Great review on some Easter candies from Fr. Fox (BotV). I mentioned on his blog where are the Cadbury Mini Eggs? MAJOR oversight... but I'll let it slide this time.

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