Wednesday, May 26, 2004

So... I've been thinking...

Capitalism is really an honor based system that works perfectly in theory. Since people are inherently greedy, it's good that we have some regulations in place to slow the roll of the billion dollar CEOs over the backs of the everyday workers. The labor movement in the early 20th century was quite valuable indeed, and produced many benefits for workers. During the 90s, I constantly decried the labor movement, labeling it an outdated philosophy, largely due to unions that just seemed ridiculous and inhibited the free flow of ideas and goods (ie: grocery store unions). Now, I'm not so sure. Yes, the overwhelming majority of unions are pretty much pointless other than to provide large amounts of cash to the mob bosses, but then CEOs are practically getting away with robbing people blind on their way out the door. It seems like companies aren't even pretending to care whether their workers are happy or not, and if someone burns out, they just throw another human log on the fire to keep their grubby hands warm. My business continued to lease a rather extravegant building on the Ohio river overlooking Cincinnati for several years, only because the CEO desired a river view. Meanwhile, notepads, pens, white out, paperclips, and other necessary office supplies were locked in a specially built room so that people could not get to them without filling out some forms in triplicate. I believe there needs to be some sort of collective bargaining going on here. Yep, I, as an economic conservative, feel that getting completely screwed by your employer is just plain not right. Particularly when your employer is taking advantage of a horrifically trashy job market to dock you a raise for 4 years, so they can make millions and enjoy their river view. I'm all about providing return for the investor. I say we start at the top.

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