Friday, June 27, 2008

Nice Article on Tanking
It's funny how the different classes in the game can lead to different attitudes, unexpected leadership, and great comradery. Those that play know that I am first and foremost, a tank... and a warrior tank. For the interested, here is a great article on what it means to tank in Warcraft.

When I first started playing, I chose a Warlock... and it is still a very fun class for me to play. Perhaps my favorite outside of Warrior at the moment. I chose to level a warrior because there was such a dramatic shortage of meat shields on our server. I never thought I would become the main tank for a large guild, much less be in a role leading several individuals during battle. One of the fundamental things you learn as you gain higher levels is a warrior is people expect you to lead, and know more about what everybody is doing than anyone else. It's a lot of pressure, and at times, a lot of stress. Some would say it is thankless, but the reward comes from the joyous cries over the voice channel when you finally down that boss you've been working on for a week. I've healed, dps'd (ranged and melee), and tanked, but nothing compares to keeping your friends alive, and getting through some of the hardest content under your leadership.


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