Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rush Limbaugh
You know, I've been listening to Rush since he hit it big. I don't necessarily agree with everything he says, or everything he does. It's fair to say that I agree with a majority of his opinions on life and government. Having stated this, he runs a very entertaining show, one that rarely leaves me disappointed for having listened to it. His affable demeanor, and comically high self promotion and confidence put the listener at ease and bring the humorous segments of his show to the front.

But you see, Rush has a problem. Because he is a Republican, he is a racist. This is accepted as fact by the public, as it has been explained to them for decades by the mainstream media. I've stated before I have no idea how conservatism became associated with racism. National Socialism, in the modern American sense of the word, is a very "Liberal" idea. Socialism is clearly more a goal of the left than it is of the right, this is fact. Full governmental control is what the extreme left wing seeks. It's what communism and socialism are all about. The single reason people refer to the "far right" as Nazis is racism, because of course everyone on the right and conservatives are racists. Correct?

To anyone with a brain, this is obviously incorrect. Levels of government control, and individuals opinions thereof, are simply differences in ideology on how nations should be governed. More government versus less government, simple enough. The overwhelming majority of mass media feel the need to promulgate socialism as the cure of all woes in society, they are companies and this is their right. What isn't justifiable is to flat out lie about those you disagree with on such a widely exposed platform, and count it as fact, defaming and ruining those who oppose you.

The article that sparked this entry is here.

Know there are people on both sides in society that can agree and disagree without defaming or attempting to ruin their opponents in ideology. I'm hard pressed to find any of them in the major media rooms of this nation.


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