Thursday, March 30, 2006

Scalia Gestures, MSM Goes Nutzoid
Sure, we have minor issues in this nation such as the War on Terror and the invasion of the United States by illegal immigrants, but who cares about such trivialities? I mean, a Supreme Court justice has MADE A HAND GESTURE! And it MIGHT BE OBSCENE! MAYBE! DEPENDING ON WHO YOU ASK! He made the super-duper controversial gesture when asked what he thought of his critics no less! *GASP* Yep, apparently some critics felt that since he was a devout Catholic that regularly worships in PUBLIC (OMG), he may not be impartial as a judge! How dare he be dismissive to those that hate him. The Boston Herald has ten... that's right, TEN articles on this. It's a front page story. Newspapers wonder why their subscription rates and clout have diminished. Yeah, I wonder.

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