Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I had laser eye surgery on the 27th of January. I'll try to keep a general log about my experiences post-op, as I've found others online to be extremely helpful in this regard. A few quick notes... immediately after surgery, in the dimly lit room, I was able to very clearly see the bottom row on the chart they had there. The doctor (a good one who I'll refer you to if you're in Cincy) gave me the lowdown on eye care for the next few weeks and sent me packing. I experienced no pain, but the 2nd (left) eye was worse because I anticipated what was coming up during the procedure. The worst experience during surgery (other than anticipation) was probably the initial insertion of the retainer into the first eye to keep it open, and the ripping off of the eyelash tape immediately post op. The actual procedure was completely painless. You should know, however, that you'll probably be able to smell the laser doing its work (smelled to me kind of like a bug zapper, yikes!). For me, post-op was fine. No pain, no burning, no eye irritation other than the occasional residue in the part of your eye near the nose, which you can't remove until your eyes heal. For the first 7 days, I questioned whether I should have done the procedure. It seemed as though my vision was better, but not all that great. They warn you that it will fluctuate for a while following surgery, and I'm here to confirm that. This week (2) my vision has been pretty consistently fantastic. The exception was later last night and this morning when my right eye became irritated and blurry for a while. That seems to be clearing up now, however. Also, when I took a shower the other day some water entered my right eye socket, and it turned pretty much blood red. Disconcerting, but it only lasted about an hour (trust me, I kept a constant vigil on that little bugger). At my first eye exam post op (the day after visit went well, healing was going fine) I was seeing 20/30 which isn't so horribly bad. The first few days I was getting some ghosting/double vision in my left eye, which for me has been the most disturbing post-op situation so far. That has since, fortunately, cleared up.

I feel the key to successful Lasik surgery is finding a good, honest surgeon. Ask questions about everything you want to know, and make sure the screening process is thorough. A few links:

All About Lasik
Government Fact Sheet
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Do the research, and find a great surgeon.

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