Tuesday, May 25, 2004

While the blogs that have inspired me are very politically oriented, I won't be confining myself to that category, although I reserve the right to post excessively in that arena. :) That being said, here's a decidedly non political (and particularly local) issue that's been eating at me for many years. The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) has been under the dictatorship of one Clair Muscaro for quite a while. His tenure has provided the extreme northeast corner of the state with hosting the football championships for well over a decade. These games used to be hosted in Columbus (right in the middle which was great), but OSU changed their home field from turf to natural grass, so they had to be moved. I have personally attended games in Massillon. The people are extremely friendly and courteous, and they are great hosts generally. The problem is the 4 hour drive, period. Why should Cincinnati teams have to drive 4 hours while teams from Cleveland travel 45 minutes, tops? I can understand rotating the game around the state, so as to better serve the community, but it has been hosted in the Canton/Massillon area now for too long. Cincinnati has bid on the games, as have several other areas deemed unsuitable. Compounding the problem is games are periodically held on Sunday EVENING. When I emailed the OHSAA about this several years ago, I was informed I needed to "let the kids have fun." HellooOOOOoo, I think I was 23 at the time, and even then I realized how obscene and out of touch this response was. The "kids" would be getting home at 2am on a school night. Well, the Cincinnati kids, not the Canton kids, which happened to be where the team my HS (Cincinnati Moeller) was playing were from. FYI, Canton is about 2 minutes from Massillon, which is where the game was being played

I hope the new commish has a better attitude towards sharing, even though he is also from the extreme NE corner of Ohio, and many of the Cincinnati athletic directors do not know him. Sheesh. It's almost as bad as the NCAA.

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